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Behind the Story: A Trashy Piece of Writing

No, not that kind of trashy story! 😉 A while back, I did a prompted writing challenge where each of us selected something from the Humans of New York Facebook page as inspiration for a story. I selected the photo below because on occasion my “Look in that pile” filing system breaks down, and I end up frantically searching for some important piece of paper.

Now I had to turn the situation into a story. The receipt was obviously important enough to go digging through the trash, but what was it for? What was really at stake for my main character? I had been wanting to stretch myself and write more speculative fiction as well, so after some mulling, I came up with the flash fiction piece Refuse to See. It was published by NewMyths.com and also included in their first “Best Of” anthology, Passages, which contains several stories and poems about entering the different stages of life.

If you enjoyed the story or want to share your adventure of misplacement, please let me know.

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